What is "My JpGU"?

My JpGU is a science communication tool where members of Japan Geoscience Union can showcase their research works to one another.

Showcase your research works

You can give overview of your current research works, create your list of past works, and post related videos. Making full use of My JpGU to showcase your works, your lab, or your projects' works may invite offers for collaborative researches.

Search for other researchers' works

You can search for other JpGU researchers, their works and articles. By expanding your research network via My JpGU, you may discover valuable information and new relationship.

Show your presentation materials

You can submit your supplemental materials for your presentation at JpGU meetings to 'File cabinet'. Let other researchers see and cite your works, and promote your research achievements to the world.

Communicate more through Web links

You can post links of your own, your lab or projects websites, along with the links to your account for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, researchmap on your profile page.

Connect to ORCID Record

By connecting My JpGU account with ORCID Record, you can export your research works in My JpGU to ORCID Record, and vice versa. You can always keep your works list latest and synchronized by updating on either My JpGU or ORCID Record. You can also use a template to import your works list easily.