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Chung-Han Chan

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Affiliation Earth Observatory of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University
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Section Solid Earth Sciences
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My research involves modeling crustal stress states according to seismic, geodetic, and in-situ observations. Stress models can explain the characteristics of seismic activities. As a result of determining seismicity behavior, I have a strong background in earthquake forecasting and have forecast experience based on both physics- and statistics-based models. Using strong ground motion and probability, I have assessed seismic hazards in terms of probabilistic seismic hazard assessments, hazard maps, and response spectra for seismic hazards mitigation.

Based on my background, I am involving the following studies:

1. Revising the method for Coulomb stress calculations,

2. Stress state and evolution in the Japan Trench and the Nankai Trough,

3. Improve earthquake forecasting approaches,

4. Innovate probabilistic seismic hazard assessment (PSHA), and

5. Application of PSHA to Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

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