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Yukitomo Tsutsumi

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Affiliation Japan Meteorological Agency
Web site, SNS
Section Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences
Field of Study Earth and planetary science/Meteorology/Physical oceanography/Hydrology
Sociology/History of science and technology/Sociology/History of science and technology


1.Observations of atmospheric minor constituents (O3、CO、NOx)

1.1 Observations at the summit of Mt. Fuji (3776m)(1992-2000)

1.2  Aircraft measurements of atmospheric chemistry in the western Pacific (PACE:1992-1998)

2.Observations of greenhouse gases and their international contribution

2.1 Trend anaysis of greenhoues gases in Japan (CO2、CH4、CO、O3

2.2 Observation supports (measurements and calibrations) of greenhouse gases in the Japan Meteorological Agency

2.3 Contributions to the WMO Global Atmosphere Watch programme (the former member of scientific advisory group of the greenhouse gases)

3.Analyses of aerosol optical depth using sun photometers in Japan

4.Analyses of long-term variation of relationship between global solar radiation and cloud amounts in Japan

5.others (ex. history of meteorology)

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